The Journey Begins.

It’s crazy how cancer has a way of creeping up on you when you least expect it. Matt and I thought that this year would be our year. Travel, try for a baby and simply live without fear.

The last few weeks of February were interesting. I developed this intense pain in my chest. I chalked it up to working out too much at the gym. However, when I stopped working out my upper body and the pain was still there, I started to become worried. The pain would come and go, so I would think to myself: Nah, can’t be cancer! It’s when I started having pain on my right side that I started to get concerned. So, I decided to see a doctor about these concerns. I was then sent for an abdominal ultrasound which showed that I had lesions on my liver.

WHAT THE…. I have WHAT on my liver?!

At this point, it wasn’t confirmed if it was cancer or not, but it wasn’t looking good, I was then sent to do a pelvis/abdominal CT scan. I mentioned to my nurse practionair that I had also been having some chest pain/tenderness so maybe she should add the chest to the CT Rec. She said ok, but if they were busy it wasn’t a priority to scan the chest. Im sorry? A priority? I’m 30 years old and you are telling me I might have cancer on my liver. You will scan my chest as well, thanks!

The week waiting for the results was probably one of the worst weeks of our lives. I was in my head so much that I was feeling even more sick. Sure enough on March 1st, I received a call from my nurse practionair. She said, so do you remember when I asked you if you would like me to call you with the CT results? I said yes! My nurse said well I have the results in front me, do you want them now? UM YES!

It’s cancer…. you have two 2cm lesions on your liver AND it’s also in your chest bones. Remember when I had to push to get the chest scan done?


I had to wait a few more days to see my Oncologist. This allowed Matt and I to start researching and writing questions down, so I would be prepared for when I saw him. We sat with him for a good hour discussing options and what the next steps would be. I am beyond grateful to have an incredibly brilliant oncologist here in Ottawa, as well as two amazing nurses. I’m also thankful we have good private insurance as I was able to afford a very promising chemo pill called, Ibrance. So I will now be on cycles every month of Ibrance & Faslodex.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on how I did after finishing my first cycle!

Below is a few lines from our latest pump up song that we blast in the car on the way to hospital appointments!

“Cross my heart and hope to die. Taking this one step at a time. Got your back if you got mine. One foot in front of the other!” 



4 thoughts on “The Journey Begins.

  1. AP says:

    Sweets, this blog is a good (great) idea. It helps us all understand what you are going through so much better. At the same time you are teaching us so much and inspiring us to live with everything we’ve got! Love you.


  2. Patricia says:

    Nobody knows our own body but we ourselves! It is unfortunate that you had to push to have a chest scan. I for one know that besides Dr. Clemens and your awesome team of nurses you have the best Doc living right alongside you. Through yours and his knowledge you are educating us on alternate treatments and making some important changes in our diet! Last but not least GOD who is our creator has this Sarah, GOD is working on your behalf and may be grant you the miracle we are all praying for!….maybe even 2! May you and Matt find peace, strength, and wisdom, look to HIM each second, minute, hour, Matthew 11: 28-29 one of my favorite verses whenever I have felt overwhelmed! You are in HIS hands, trust him! We love your sweet little family……


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