Cycle 1 : My Drug Cocktail

I just sat down to write this latest blog about my 1st cycle, and I completely forgot what exactly happened this past month. Ha ha ha! It’s been a busy, crazy month to say the least.

On March 12th I started this new drug cocktail. A few days prior I received a call from the hospital giving me my appointment time and letting me know which floor to go to.

Ah, the dreaded chemo floor..

Even though I will not be doing IV chemo right now, the chemo floor is where I need to go to have my injections done. So on the morning of the 12th, Matt and I picked up all my meds from the pharmacy and headed straight to the chemo floor. Some PTSD kicked in when I walked to my seat, hearing all the machines going off and on brought me right back to the last time I had to sit in that chair 16 times.
I met with a nurse who would administer my first round of medications. She looked at me and said, you are getting all this done today?! You poor thing, you are like a human pin cushion.

My first injection, which is called Xgeva goes in my arm and it’s suppose to help protect my bones. I will receive this every 12 weeks.
The second injection is the dagger to my stomach, known as Zoladex. This is to shut my ovaries down so they are not producing estrogen. Hello menopause!!! I’m getting a hot flash just thinking about it. I will also receive this one every 12 weeks.
The third injection, which is actually two injections that go in either side of my bum. This is called Faslodex. It’s a form of a hormone chemotherapy that works along side my chemo pill. I believe that this is what really knocked me down this month. I had to get 3 loading doses within the first month. NOT FUN! Now, I get it done every 28 days.

Are you still following me? Hahaha

Lastly, Ibrance the chemo pill that I take every day for 21 days. I have a week off of it in hopes to boost my neutrophil counts before I start another cycle.
Unfortunately, I had to postpone taking my next cycle of Ibrance for a week, due to low neutrophils. This is a pretty common thing starting off on Ibrance. They also have me on the highest dose, which we knew would affect my little body, and potential dosage changes could happen.

So how did I make out with this first cycle? Not going to lie, the last 2 weeks on the cycle were tough. A lot of pain and a lot of fatigue. A fatigue that one would only understand if you’ve done chemo before. It completely knocks you down. No energy, just weak, drowsy and oh so tired. I won’t lose my hair completely but Ibrance is known for hair thinning and thinning it is! I dread going to wash my hair now because I loose so much of it. Luckily, I already have fine hair but a lot of it, so I’m hoping I won’t develop bald spots.  In all this, Matt has been nothing short of amazing. He’s taken on so much while I’ve been out of commission trying to get through this loading dose month. He truly is the best hubby. ❤

On a lighter note, today I went in for another blood test which showed that my neutrophils were up enough to continue the same high dose. Great news!

Even better news… We continue to see that one liver enzyme go down week after week. We are now in the double digits! 105 last week, and its now dropped to 86. My first blood test I did after meeting with my oncologist was at 165!

I love the quote below! “Bad days Build better days”!!! ❤ The optimist in me is hoping round 2 will be a lot better.

I also threw in a pic of me and our pup that Matt took while we were napping.


6 thoughts on “Cycle 1 : My Drug Cocktail

  1. Patricia says:

    Thanks for sharing our sweet girl, tears in my eyes, but oh so happy to read the positive…..and that pic just melted my heart! We love you….


  2. Cheryl says:

    Thanks for sharing so we can all battle with you and send you our positive thoughts! We love you and we are ALWAYS thinking about you! And Matt is amazing.


  3. Gina says:

    Thanks for the post Sarah, sounds like a rough last month to say the least but what a fighter you are!! Sooooo glad things are working.. keep it going!! ❤️


  4. M&D says:

    Sarah, your blog is a great way for those that love you to try to understand what you are going through. Your courage, strength, grace and positivity illuminates through your words and is a lesson for all of us. So proud of our warrior princess and prince! With all our love mom and dad


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